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Communication has changed since the smartphone came into the market. You no longer depend on a shop to buy your stuff. By using smartphone Apps you can transfer your money easily from home, or do your shopping with a click or two. But you can also check the weather, listen to the Radio and use social networks. Even for business activities a mobile phone is very useful to reach customers around the globe as well as attend to business contacts.

The smartphone  has become a very important daily accessory for everybody. No one can live without it anymore. It‘s the key to the outside world. So, you see there is a lot to discover about the this latest technology.

Evolution of the smartphone design

Learn Mobile App Development

Are you interested in creating your own special App for a special use and you don‘t know how it works —Bermotech in London offers you a lot of App Development courses where you will be able to create your own iOS or Android Apps.

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Ten Gadgets to Get Kids Coding

Technology isn’t going to slow down any time soon and you’re never too young to learn all about IT.

So we thought it would be a good idea to present our top ten guide of gadget to get your kids coding.

1. BB8 App-Enabled Droid

We’ve gone for BB8 as number one because there probably isn’t a child on Earth who isn’t already in love with this cheeky little roller-ball. Co star of the latest Star Wars Epic the Force Awakens this little robot actually works. The BB8 toy, which is described by its makers as not a toy, has a fundamental A.I. and is able to function autonomously as well as being able to follow simple voice commands. As a coding gadget it has its limitations, but it’s cute and it’s certain to be an instant hit with the family.

2. Lightup

Lightup is a deceptively clever set of magnetically connected electronic building blocks. Lightup can teach kids to make their own gadgets in seconds. The real fun however, comes later when the kids realise they can program their creations and take them to the next level. Straight from the box kids can build simple projects like flash lights, but as their knowledge grows their projects can evolve into intruder alarms and X-ray cameras.

3. DIY Synth

Do you have any budding Gary Numans in the house? Well this DIY synth is for you. Although the simple breadboard construction is fairly simple we’d recommend this project only for older children, unless of course you’re prepared to help them with the project.

4. Kano

Kano is a computer for kids. Based on the hugely popular Raspberry Pi, Kano is a stripped down DIY PC which will teach your kids how to build and program their very own little computers… or as The Onion described it, “At last a way to trick my kids into a lucrative career.”

5. LittleBits

Littlebits is a snap together system of interconnecting circuits and modules designed to teach your kids all about basic electronics. Littlebits was Time Magazine’s Gadget of the year 2015 and its impressive online community has already  created over 2000 working gadgets and inventions.

6. Google Cardboard

You may well wonder why one of the biggest tech companies in the world has released a pair of cardboard goggles, but the truth is Google Cardboard truly is the shape of things to come. These little cardboard viewers are the father of Virtual Reality and for a few quid and some practice your kids can get in on the ground floor. To make the magic happen your kids will also need access to a reasonable fast smart phone with an accelerometer, most good Android phones have them.


Ozobot is an impossibly cute little contraption designed to help kids learn about robotics and programming. This tiny robot,  which is can fit in the palm of a child’s hand has a powerful processor which kids can learn to program via the Ozblocky programming platform and before can say “oh no it’s disappeared under the cooker again…”, they’ll have created their very own path finding painting perambulators.


Codie is a super cute wooden robot which comes with its very own smart phone programming app. Kids can play straight from the box and then as their curiosity grows they can learn to program Codie and discover his more advanced secrets.

9. Eedu

Well it wouldn’t be 2016 without some kind of drone now would it. Eedu is a DIY programmable aerial drone that can be assembled solder free from the box in under 30 minutes. What  makes Eedu unique is that it can also be programmed via the open source Forge System, which means that kids can learn to set flight paths or adapt it for aerial photography or just teach it to play laser tag.

10. Junk Bot

Junk bot is an arduino based robotics kit which enables kids to make fully functioning robots and other tech projects from everyday stuff lying around the house. Kids can make smart walking sticks and path finding robots from a a paper cup and some old CDs.

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Tech gadgets for kids who love coding


Developing your first Android App

Android with blank book

Android App Development Know-How

We are advancing into a technological era where every other upcoming technology is more improved than the previous one. A new technology is born every second and so is the case with mobile apps. Unless and until, the app has unique features, it will not rank up in the search results in the app store. There are 5 things that you as a developer should know before developing an Android app:

Add a hint of uniqueness to your idea

The idea behind the app should be one of its kind. There are many apps launched every hour that resemble the existing apps but they do not necessarily get popular amongst the users. The essence is to address the users’ requirement through the unique concept. There are many online resources that offer exceptional ideas for developing unique Android apps.

Get app store optimised

One of the biggest challenges that app developers face is the ranking of apps in search results of the app store. With hundreds and millions of apps launching every day, the popular ones tend to stay up on the ranking while others go unnoticed. For beginners it is necessary to work out on their app store optimisation (ASO) strategies. The icon, visuals, reviews and the name of app should all be focused upon carefully. Insert suitable keywords and visuals to enhance the presentation of the app. Use other popular ASO techniques to grab the attention of your target audience instantly.

Compare your app with the rest in your category

It is important for a developer to compare and contrast the app with all the rest in the category/genre. This is a good way of minimising the risk of possible errors in the apps and improving the versions according to the technological advancements. Consequently this will also improve the rating and reviews of users which will enhance the app store optimisation and boost the ranking.

Choose the right time for launching your mobile app 

For beginners it is important to set a time for launching the android app. A good time for usually launching apps is either the holiday season or in summers. People are usually free during this time and busy with casual browsing. Thus it is best to launch an app during the time when people are looking for fres

apps to fulfil their needs. Developers can also take it as an advantage to upgrade their existing apps so as to attract a fresh wave of users. Learn more about the Android app launch process here.

Go viral with your app

There is nothing illegal in purchasing some downloads from third-party websites to make your app go viral. If you believe in your product and think that it may expedite the process – then it may be fruitful for the long-term. All you need is to make sure that the downloads you purchase improve the quality and help you in optimising for right keywords. Furthermore, you may also need to bring in your creativity to work, design interactive ads using video, graphics and audio resources to generate hefty revenues.



Kids Coding Courses

Do your kids love playing on smartphones and tablets but want them to develop this interest further or pursue a career in technology? Then sign up to one of Bermotech’s coding courses for kids this summer!

Some of the industry’s biggest names including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page all began coding as youngsters. Even though their careers have gone in different yet equally as successful directions, learning how computer programs and mobile apps are developed is the perfect platform to build on.

The power and potential of technology is clear to see. The industry is growing at an exponential rate and qualified professionals are now in high demand all over the world. The increasing popularity of mobile devices shows no sign of slowing down either and will continue to play a major role in our daily lives. Therefore, the possibilities and prospects for children and teenagers in this line of work are immense.

Through engaging exercises and lessons, Bermotech strives to teach students in the most enjoyable yet educational ways possible. Along with academic tuition about fundamental tech subjects, we also organise a range of practical activities too. Upon course completion, we believe our students go away with a stronger set of transferable skills and a greater understanding of the career they want to work towards. Even if an IT or software development job is not for them, we hope their horizons and confidence will be expanded and increased.

Tech Camps

Our courses last for five days and take place during half term and the summer holidays. Separate courses for 6-9, 9-12 and 13-17 year olds are available in order to cater for the abilities and interests of students. All programmes are taught by the founder of Bermotech, Narges Berry, who has a BEng honours degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Birmingham, and an MSc in Computing Science from Imperial College London.

Kids Coding

To find out more, get in contact today.

All of our courses take place at Swiss Cottage School in Camden, London.

Telephone: 020 7586 1602



Learn Robotics with Lego Mindstorms EV3

The LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Kit is an established component of the education at many universities and has become accepted at schools also. Computing and Electrical Engineering faculties in particular use LEGO Mindstorms for teaching Robotics.

Build and Program Robots

Build and Program Robots

The idea behind LEGO Mindstorms Robotics is to enable children to learn playfully with the help of technology.  The aim of the project was to create a fun environment that enables “learning by making”.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Lego Mindstorms EV3

At Bermotech’s Robotics with Lego Mindstorms Holiday Camps students unlock a world of interactive creativity by building and programming their own robots.

Are you a Burger Fan? is your one-stop-shop for all things burger! The website was created by two students  aged 9 and 10 at Bermotech’s Website Design and Development Camp and is an essential for any burger lover, containing useful information and even a history lesson on the origins of the humble burger.

At, you can find your nearest burger joint that delivers, find out the best burger restaurants, taste tested by our young burger enthusiasts and even find a recipe for delicious veggie burgers – because a burger is for everyone!

If you’re new to the wonderful delights of the burger, there’s a section that is just for you – How to make a burger. The how to make a burger section lists the ingredients you will need, alongside a step-by-step guide on how to build the ultimate burger.

Holiday iPhone App Development Camp

Over the Easter Holidays, Bermotech hosted a specialised coding course for children aged 9-12. The idea of the course is not only to have fun but also learn valuable coding skills, including Xcode and swift programming language.

Our group produced some impressive apps by the end of the 5 days.

Initially the group was split into two – the boys vs. the girls! The competition was on!

Kids build their own iPhone App

Working as teams, they each came up with some exciting ideas for their new iPhone app and received hands on learning on the steps needed to start creating their apps, with the opportunity to get stuck in themselves; individually and as a team.

The girls group proudly presented Pusheen, an iPhone app featuring a cartoon cat that can be fed, dressed, put to sleep and a couple of other functions. The boys were excited to present IEAT, a healthy eating app packed with recipes, quizzes and useful info.

Upcoming Summer Holiday iOS Code Camps for Kids: